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Egger offer a range of 17 worktops, covered by the FIRA Gold Award.
Crucially all 17 decors have been specifically chosen to work together in harmony with some of the industry's key door colours.
Whether it's trend orientated or traditional, expressive and individual or classic and elegant there's something to suit most tastes.

Black Granite
F040 - Black Granite
Sorona Black
F042 - Sorona Black
Trent GR Beige
F133- Trent GR Beige

Aurora Bianco
F166 - Aurora Bianco
Lazio Anthracite
F213 - Lazio Anthracite
Magna Black
F270 - Magna Black

Arkosa Sand
F276 - Arkosa Sand
Isodoria Beige
F326 - Isodoria Beige
Avalon Cream
F334 - Avalon Cream

Valetta Sand
F390 - Valetta Sand
Brown Malawi
F905- Brown Malawi
DK PL Butchers Block
H047- DK PL Butchers Block

Afze Butchers Block
H178 - Afze Butchers Block
Brown Dakota Oak
H309- Brown Dakota Oak
Walnut Butchers Oak
H3739 - Walnut Butchers Oak

U999 - Black
W980 - White

Selection of Stock Doors Available in Dublin

  • Calcutta Pippy Oak