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Egger Laminate is made up of multiple layers of paper and has a decoratice surface. The laminate sheet must be fibricated (bonded) to a suitable substrate (normally chipboard of MDF).

Due to it's multi-layered construction, EGGER laminate is the perfect material for high traffic areas or where a hard wearing surface is required.
Egger Laminates are available to order with a one week lead time. A selection of 250 decors are available.

Titanium MFC
F501 ST2 - Titanium
F509 ST2 - Aluminium
Grey Bardolino Oak
H1146 ST10 - Grey Bardolino Oak

Brown Cassino Ash
H1215 ST22 - Brown Cassino Ash
Light Lakeland Acacia
H1277 ST9 - Light Lakeland Acacia
Sand Lyon Ash
H1298 ST22 - Sand Lyon Ash

Light Calais Oak
H1319 ST11 - Light Calais Oak
Light Ferrara Oak
H1334 ST9 - Light Ferrara Oak
Natural Montana Oak
H1342 ST11 - Natural Montana Oak

Winchester Oak
H1381 ST11 - Winchester Oak
White Avola
H1474 ST22 - White Avola
Champagne Avola
H1476 ST22 - Champagne Avola

Green Grey Avola
H1477 ST22 - Green Grey Avola
Truffle Brown Avola
H1478 ST22 - Truffle Brown Avola
Brown Grey Avola
H1484 ST22 - Brown Grey Avola

Natural Aragon Oak
H1372 ST22 - Natural Aragon Oak

Selection of Stock Doors Available in Dublin

  • Calcutta Pippy Oak