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About us

As a door designer and manufacturer we are fully aware that our products have the ability to totally transform both kitchens and bedrooms alike. Regardless of whether you live in an expansive farmhouse, an urban townhouse or a city centre apartment our vast product range offers a considered choice.

This variety allows you to define your individual tastes and put your personal stamp on your living space. By selecting styles, finishes and colours which enhance the visual ambiance of your habitat; adding pleasure to the quality time you spend relaxing at home.

Our website displays a compendium of fine kitchen and bedroom designs. We hope they demonstrate the full potential for your home, focusing on the doors and handles which command the overall aesthetic of each space.

With a history that dates back over twenty years the quality of such stylised doors is the highest in Europe. Based in Northern Ireland our growth over this period has seen us pioneer and adapt the most innovative production equipment and facilities in order to supply an ever growing demand.

For us quality and choice go hand in hand, that's why we produce over 100 separate door designs with over 50 different finishes and colours. Our portfolio is ever changing reacting to current trends whilst being bolstered by timeless classics.

So please enjoy our website - we hope it will inspire you as to what can be achieved by incorporating the perfect kitchen and bedroom doors in your living spaces.

Selection of Stock Doors Available in Dublin

  • Calcutta Pippy Oak